Details of features

Present in App


Application available on mobile devices and PC (Web browser)

Offline mode

Unlimited number of projects

User customisation of App with no outside assistance

Possibility of including all types of forms relating to briefing and training, maintenance schedules, operating methods and procedures

Expert and Premium

App generator – Multi App rights

Expert and Premium

Access to advanced customisation options

Expert and Premium


Monitoring and sharing of observations (defects, non-conformities)

Activity journal and traceability of entered data

Sharing of forms and checklists

Multiple user signatures

Diary and history

Production of high-quality, consolidated reports

Planning of missions and inspection visits

Expert and Premium

Management information, KPI and real-time view of projects

Expert and Premium

Non-conformities annotated and tagged on plans and photos

Expert and Premium

Software functions

Export of raw data – XLS export

Creation of teams, management of multi-team and multi-subsidiary rights

Integration – API


Dedicated database

Expert and Premium

Option to host data in-house


Help and services

Telephone and email hotline

Bespoke configuration services


Integration – API

Digital transformation. We answer your questions.

Can I host the Apps’inOne solution on my own servers (on my premises)?

Yes. Our IT team will contact yours to discuss the situation.

What is the mean time required to configure a module (or an App)?

Our NO CODE platform is extremely agile, offering the shortest configuration times on the market. A technical inspection App with 150 monitoring points based on your own document system (operating methods, procedures, etc.) can be created in less than four hours.

Will my employees be autonomous? What will be our degree of independence?

Yes, of course. You are in full control of the design studio and of every stage of configuration. The system is highly intuitive. Designate a “Platform Administrator” who, from a PC-based web access, will be able to create modules (Apps) on demand in response to your field teams’ requirements.

Does the Apps’inOne platform include quality and Lean Management processes?

Oui. Yes. There are five universal quality concepts at the heart of our platform. PDCA, a continuous improvement principle forming the basis of all certification systems, is one of the foundations of our product.

Other concepts (e.g. Ishikawa 7M – Reason Model – 5S) are also included.

Can I use my own packs of icons and pictograms?

Yes, of course, you can download your own packs in order to customise your Mobile App.

Our platform also offers packs of icons relating to a wide variety of topics (e.g. quality, safety, environment, public works, wind farms, photovoltaic installations, etc.).

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